The Jasons


his Stone Mountain project dealt with a client that was attempting to change the street appeal of their estate with a number of suggested ideas.  The existing structure is a two story with a centered stoop that had a small metal canopy for cover from the elements.  The intent was to alter the front elevation either by roof line or a roof extension over the stoop to either incorporate a large entry, porte cochere or full width stoop.  Landscaping was not a major issue with the client; this was the focal point of the structure, attempting to demolish and re-build a 20 year old brick veneer was bound to stand out; most likely to the chagrin of the client.

Incorporating large amounts of horizontal masonry with as near a flash and texture of the existing veneer; capped with a dissimilar paver product as a break between surfaces would be the ideal method for any of the concepts.  However, the client is an attorney of renown and the final design incorporated a new appearance to the existing structure that I nicknamed..."The Courthouse" which seemed to be the right application for this structure given the owners profession.


Existing Structure

1st photo as street elevation; box drawings for proportions to match features. Box drawings became 3d models; 3d model became the following renderings