emodeling starts as an existing structure and a thought or concept by the owner to change it to their taste or lifestyle.  However making that thought apparent to the construction firm poses a problem.  The client has specific thoughts about appearance and functionality; however, there may be a issue that deals with both structural and code compliance.  There's also the issue of re-sale value and how these ideas may actually reduce your prospects of market in weight to the costs of remodeling.

The role of Turner Builders is to take the ideas and present them to the client...after factoring codes, structural issues and cost value of work performed for any particular phase...or the entire project in weight to the overall value of the property and project.  In essence, the drawings should represent both the existing structure with a compared drawing for the new work to be able to obtain what the client needs the most.....a realistic bid.  The remodeling contractor is entitled to make their living and company profit.  However without a set of drawings that represents your interests, it is impossible to expect remodeling firms to give more than a rule of thumb estimate with a huge "contingency" percentage for unknowns.

Contracts for Construction are always in writing.  The same should apply to the drawings that you have that represent your ideas as an exhibit to the Contracts for Construction.  The drawings allow the sincere remodeling contractor to make a reasonable living without having to bump up your estimate to cover any unknowns.  Turner Builders can be your "In House" design team in lieu of the remodeling contractor's "In House" designer on his/her payroll.  

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