Sometimes great jobs fall out of the sky!  This is one of those "gigs" where all the conditions were just right!!  Great clients with a keen interest in the process; a noble existing structure that met many of the requirements by the owners; great comparables for architectural styling to attempt to blend in a massive series of events...and a great town and county to work with for all the issues of general construction.  It was always a pleasure to take a little trip to Social Circle and the pace of a quiet town...that won't be quiet for long.

Matching what the client wanted in keeping with the surrounding era of architecture with a lot of fun thrown into the mix...I couldn't ask for a better job and am proud to present the following for your enjoyment!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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                                      Chris Barneycastle - Arborculture Consultant



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"The Soundmeister"  is the embedded recording by Atlanta's Iconic tenor saxophone ~ Rick Bell, from his Album -

 "War Horse and Other Stories"

with Bill Anschell - piano; Bob Lewis - trombone; Billy Degnats - drums; Neal Starkey - bass with Rick Bell composing, arranging & performing.  The Soundmeister is dedicated to Stan Getz.


Click on the album cover to order War Horse and Other Stories!


For more Rick Bell, Neal Starkey and Bob Lewis at a House Concert for the Southeastern Organization of Jazz Artists (SOJA) at our home in here!


Another SOJA House Concert with Bill here!