Minimum Stage Requirements for single riser on pavement or finished floor surface

1) single riser  -  16' x  12'  -  Footprint Layout  21' x 29' overall

2) two steps as shown

3) paved area (no grass) for set up of Trombone, Clarinet, Trumpet & Guitar/Banjo

4) Two sources of 110V Clean electrical supply (no transformers, neon or rheostats in-line) at rear of riser.  We've got it from that point.

5) Access to load in/out with ramps (no stairs)

6) Stage lighting (spots & ambient lighting) must be provided by others

7) Six padded stools of the same height (no arms)


What we provide for Sound System/Public Address Indoor or Outdoors

1) Two Peavy PV-215 (4 -  15in Mains)

2) Yamaha EMX-20 (1000 Watts Outdoors - 300 Watts Indoors)

3) 3 Foldback floor monitors

4) Wireless Microphones for announcers, public speakers or political candidates