Atlanta Jazz Krewe

Is your Political Campaign lacking something

unique to make it stand out?  Are you paying

for a DJ wannabe?  Are you paying for a

Karaoke reject

Get a step ahead of the competition and


of your campaign functions!!!

The Atlanta Jazz Krewe is your one-stop, one-call

does all campaign sound* and music source to put you a

step ahead of that other guy/gal that you're campaigning

against!!  We feature Dixieland Jazz which is about as

American as you can get and a regional favorite from the

deep south!  It's a meld of gospel, folk, marches, blues

and jazz with a specific flavor of the bayou that only a live

performance can bring to your intended constituents.

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The Atlanta Jazz KreweAtlanta Jazz Krewe

Jerry "doc" Dibble - Trumpet

George Uterhardt - Tuba

Tony "snareless" Hall - Drums

Henry "SJO" Mason - Trombone

Lootenant Dan Turner - Piano

Diane "Lady Di" Bowman - vocalist extraordinaire

Reed "too tall" Lukat - Clarinet & Sundries





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Are YOU Running for Office?  Is YOUR campaign lacking?

Krewe Them...Before They Krewe You!!


For more performer/performance information

 or audition schedules contact: 

Dan Turner  ∙ 770.922-4411




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"That's a' Plenty"

Recorded at SoundsAtlanta - June 2006

Engineers:  Chris Unck & Brent Smith,

Mastering Engineer:  Bill (Dr. Troll) Tullis







The Hardest Working Dixieland Band in the Southeast!!



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Atlanta Jazz Krewe





Atlanta Jazz Krewe



The Drummer is Always Right!!