The Atlanta Jazz Trio/Quartet/Quintet

Tony Hall - Percussions
Leo Palese - Trumpet
Reed Lukat - Sax
Jim Woolbright - trombone


Larry Smith - Sax


Amy Holloway - Vocals

   A Boutique Assortment of Atlanta's Finest Musicians for All of Your Live Performance Needs.



A Gig or Two





  The Georgia Aquarium - Oceans Ballroom

  Club Ravina




The Atlanta Jazz Quartet Lasses (less one)

Juday - Susan - Melanie

Patience, good food & drinks is a virtue! Photos in this display by Juday!

A Sunday Afternoon in November

The Atlanta Jazz Quartet in Rehearsal

"This is the biggest quartet I've ever played in!!"  Tony Hall


Joey Waters trumpet, and Mike Smith on bone solo, w/ Jerry Aull guitar.

Jerry isn't really's this witness protection thing that makes him camera shy.


Jerry Aull - Guitar/Vocals



Dan Turner - Piano




      With the utmost respect and appreciation of the music and musicians of that era! 

      We would hope to emulate their style of jazz that was the fulcrum between early Jass and today's Jazz.

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Lauran Hunt - Bass