Fees for Design Service

Daniel Turner Builders, Inc. performs design services for your intended project at designer/draftsman rates.  Most of the house plans found on-line or in media books (canned plans) are the product of residential designers that are not architects or engineers.   Daniel Turner Builders, Inc. will turn away from jobs that are not lawfully within the scope of the work that we produce, however when the unique design involves the certification of a structural engineers, we can and will be more than happy to out-source to professional engineering groups as 3rd party to our work should we agree to perform as your design professional.


New Home

Finished Interior Area:  $2.25 sf

Finished Foundation Area:  $1.50 sf

Finished Bonus Room Area:  $2.00 sf

Garage, Deck (no roof), terrace, stoop Area:  $1.50 sf

Roofed Porch & Decks:  $1.50 sf

Specialty Details:   Per Detail

Unfinished Foundation Area:  $1.00 sf


New Decks

Minimum $1050.00 1


New Additions

Minimum $2000 1



All Construction Area under roof:  $3.00 to $4.50 sf (subject to existing structure complexity)

Minimum Sketch Fee $1500 1


Site Plans

Site plans are necessary to supply to the permitting department for new construction approval.  They show the footprint of the drawn plan to property and in most county/municipalities the requirements for permits are a site plan that shows all horizontal measure of the lot in conjunction with existing or new work.

Site Plan (general):  $300 minimum

Site Plan (topo):  $1500 minimum per acre 2

(all site plans will require a copy of the original survey of the lot or tract.  Sketches, tax plats or recorded subdivision plats can not be used)



Materials List (a relative output from CAD components):  $1500 min.

Gantt Chart Calendar:  $1500 min.


The fees include all required elevations, cross sections, layout dimensioning, cabinetry for bath, kitchen, library; roof rafters (either independent or superimposed over level layout), floor & ceiling joists (as framing lumber with specifications to other engineered products as an option) and notes specific to regional design criteria consistent with current code.


In some cases of complexity, the Design Agreement value may be altered to reflect increased fees or square footage rates.  Most especially, changes to the sketch designs that have entered into the Working Drawings phase will be charged an hourly rate for re-draw fees plus the agreed square footage rates.

Daniel Turner Builders, Inc. guarantees that the working drawings will be county/municipal code permit acceptable.  Should the permits department require further work by structural engineers, the sealed structural design work will be an attachment to the working drawings.  However, all structural or civil engineer work is an expense borne by the client.

The exception to granting permits that may come under the constraints of zoning, land use, unknown set backs or right of ways not found on sealed surveyor plats are not within our prevue of work.  With the exception of Preliminary Sketches and Drawings, no working drawings will be prepared for zoning, special use or conditional zoning applications.

Covenants of record that are presented to Daniel Turner Builders, Inc. will be reviewed and applied into the design.  However, our drawings are not guaranteed from personal or civil issues that prevent acceptance of our drawings by Homeowner Associations or Planning /Zoning Commissions members with discretionary or impulsive opinion.


                 1  There will be a site visit fee to measure along with a CAD fee for drawing as-built details to connect to new construction designs.

            2  Topo plats are based on topographic surveys  to transpose to new site plans with estimated topo changes to new construction layouts.




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