Portfolio of Recent Custom Designs in Progress


he examples on these pages represent recent works for custom client projects.  Custom drawings start off as preliminary sketches that are fine tuned to the client's specifications.  When the goal is achieved for the desired effect and layout (interior v. exterior), working drawings are begun.  These 3D renderings are actually fully built "computer models" that represent all of the components needed to build each site.  These models can also be placed on the terrain that will show final grading, landscaping, hardscaping, trees and shrubs.  We can locate the sun at any particular time of the day or year as to the shading or angle of the sun against large expanses of glass.

These drawings can be purchased and adapted to your property topo and set back constraints or phase on the site towards a "viewscape" on your property.  All drawings by Daniel Turner Builders, Inc. use the codes specific to Georgia and may need to be altered by us to meet your regional construction codes and conditions.  However, a completely custom product can be obtained at very reasonable rates to give you the exact home, vacation home, remodeling or site sketches to help you take your next step.

For more details, information or another view angle....please send me a note and I'll respond as soon as possible.  Dan Turner




Young family with a unique lot overlooking Lake Oconee. This client specific design incorporates a great feature suggested by the client....the Banquet Deck. This feature allows an interior view of the lake on a drop lot without the deck structure obstructing the viewscape.