Project Management

Daniel Turner Builders, Inc. can act on your behalf in the process of construction by representing your interests between General Contractor, Sub-Contractor and the Construction Agreement and Documents. 

By applying Turner Builder drawings as an exhibit to your Agreement, a lot of the questions are primarily answered.  The Construction Agreement between parties should reference the Drawings as an Exhibit to the Construction Agreement which leaves little discretion to either party to make changes without a 3rd party, the Project Manager, to overseer the changes.  Project Management involves site visits during the course of construction at various stages to make notes of any items yet to be completed prior to that phase and to summarize initial impression of performance by written, oral or electronic report to the Client.  The Client and General Contractor can table, act upon or ignore the recommendations of the Project Manager.

Project Management is involved in taking site information; agreements, permits, bonds, policies and all requested documents to evaluate the exposure to jeopardy for the client.  As well, the project management can review all invoices to date in weight to the actual materials take-off (estimate of materials) and the current values to report back the percentages of payables against budget.  Project Management can also provide a Gantt Chart sometimes referred to as a Critical Path Method to detail out the calendar of events that should have or need to take place to keep the Project on schedule.  Combining all of these items, the Project Management and Project Manager can provide the Client with the status of the project in weight to funds and schedule. 

Can you afford a Project Manager?  Here's a basic question with regards to site clearing:

My lot has a considerable amount of trees in both soft and hardwood varieties of varying calipre.  Should I:

a) clear the property with a timber service in exchange for the value of the timber.

b) clear the property with a tracked bulldozer at $85.00 per hour.

c) clear the property with a tracked front loader (bucket loader) at $85.00 per hour.


The answer is:   <<click here>>


If you got the answer wrong, think again about the value of a Project Manager for your site!  The fees listed are reasonable compared to a huge, and unexpected overage at the very beginning of this overage that the bank will NOT allow without the costs of refinancing!  Our role is NOT to build your house, it's to help you build the house that you want without very expensive errors.  If you didn't get the right answer in the example; just think about the other 2500 decisions ahead of you.

Project Management/Manager Fees for 2012:


$1,000 retainer

$120.00 per hour for all site time and travel time

$120.00 per hour for all office and report preparation time.


10% Net of Costs for Single Family Project Management for multiple start

12% Net of Costs for Multi-Family Projects


Negotiated Fee for Land Development


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