Sandra’s Tudor


his project involved a 30 year old Tudor that sat high on a rolling lot with a view of rear pond and a pool area with entertainment areas.  The 70's style structure has 8' ceilings along with that era of room size and layout.  The kitchen for the most part along the common wall to the living area and entry closet/powder.  The client specified a removal of the existing kitchen and to open up the structure for a clear view across the depth of the houe to the foyer.  The suggestion was to utilize the existing roof area of a large carport as there is already an existing garage with breezeway attachment and realign the interior partitions to meet the final layout requested.  There were a variety of layouts to the interior as well as the carport entry that needed to match the Tudor exterior of "exposed timber" and stucco in-fill.



As-Built Dimensions

Existing structure with preliminary sketches to move bearing and free partitions