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SOJA Music Hall Concert in Conyers. 

Please contact DLTurner@Bellsouth.Net  for information and reservations.

Performance recording by Neal Starkey of the 04/13 session - Read's a big file!!







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Before the Gig

Clay Hulet, Rick Bell & Mary Jo Strickland



A great afternoon for a short 20 minute ride into the country....and a few terrific hours to enjoy the talents of Clay Hulet, Louis Hervieux, Neal Starkey, Bob Lewis and Rick Bell.

Mary Jo Strickland approached Rick about a remote 1st Sunday Jazz House Concert/Soiree in late February.  He went about locating just the right guys for the job and putting together a set list that was just perfect for the event and venue.  The venue is a residence with a large performing hall & foyer that can hold quite a crowd.  The "music room" is just the right size for duo to 10 piece and the projection from that room makes the entire main level a listening room.

Thanks to Mary Jo & Phil for SOJA's efforts to promote live performance jazz.  A big thanks to Rick Bell for pulling in the superior firepower for the afternoon in the form of Louis on piano, Clay on drums and Neal on bass.    A huge thanks to Bob Lewis for just happening to be in the neighborhood with his trombone and spending some serious time in both sets!

Susan and I look forward to the next time we can open our home to such a warm & friendly crowd of jazz enthusiasts that are willing to take our invitation at face value based on the notoriety of the jazzers that likewise took our invitation at face value....and turned the event into a success.

For those in attendance and those that couldn't make it....we'll see you the next time!! 

Dan Turner


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