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What we do.  Builder clients and homeowner clients get the same on-the-fly ability to view the work in progress via their personal web page or if preferred, email with an attachment.  You have the ability to view these files either at your easy chair or desk, or if you’re so equipped via your pocket computer while on the site!  Unless you want to come by the office to chat and drink some real coffee, you can view work changes….”on the fly” at the site, home or office.

Equally as important is your new ability to review the plan and jot down changes on the drawing with punch list, lines or both!  This includes all levels and layers of the drawing from something as simple as hinging a door to the other jamb or moving, installing or deleting walls, electrical or plumbing fixtures.  Save all of this to the file and send it back to me.  Once I open the file, I will then have your comments and punch list to change and send back the modified drawing for your review….within minutes!

Unlike the example files* linked to this page, the review files that I transmit to you are high-resolution files of the same format as the CADD drawings that I prepare for plotting.  What I see is what you’ll see during this project and the immediacy of being able to work via email or your own web page saves everyone on time, travel or postage for out of state clients.  Once the sketch work is completed and approved, the working drawings begin and should be completed and in print within a matter of days (subject to varying or unusual details).

Elevations, Renderings and Cross Sections.  As found in this web site are photo-realistic renderings (in smaller files for dial-up users) in compressed files with varying resolution.  3-Dimensional renderings are part by-product of the “model” being built here via the CADD system, and part artistic work.   2-Dimensional renderings are square-on drawings of elevations with textures applied to indicate the final facing of the structure.  Cross sections are slices of the structure from the lowest level, through the roof ridge showing all components in place.  Each drawing comes with 2 D elevations and Cross Sections for optimal detail of the project and model. 

Electrical, plumbing layouts and materials list.  Each drawing level comes with an electrical layout and location of all household electrical standards as well as plumbing fixtures, drop locations and usual appliance installations; all of these items (and more) work into the final layout for openings, cabinetry and proximal walls to meet building code clearances.  The materials list is a relative compilation of the project as configured early on into each model.  The model generates an assumption of usual estimating factors for vertical, horizontal square measure and lineal measurements….plus, the compilation of all components listed on the drawing page of electrical, plumbing, openings, rafters, joists, beams, appliances, wall/ceiling board, paint and various interior/exterior trim.  The materials list starts with the footings and goes through the entire model to the ridge shingles with a calculation and relative materials take off needed to construct.  We provide this information to you in a database for you to plug in your regional materials costs as presented.

Site plan layouts.  By engaging us to perform a site plan, we can configure the walkways, drive ways or paver areas and provide our client with the square and cubic area to calculate materials for paving these areas.  We do NOT calculate spillage, loss, cuts or any changes on the site not represented in the drawings.  Our materials take off is a relative measure for you to calculate well in advance of the first batter board the approximate materials cost and time required (based on the amount of materials) to construct each phase.

Construction/Project Management & Lender Reviews.  We’re more than happy to overview any project that we’ve designed whether it be as Construction Management to review work in progress for builder draws or project management where we aid in the total project construction by office work and site inspections to help with the scheduling of each project.  We will work on the behalf of any lender or lending board to review a project underway to estimate it’s cash value on-site in weight to requested draws.


aniel Turner Builders has been through the process quite a few times in a 50-year family history of homebuilding and development.  Whether it’s a 900 square foot bungalow or a 12,000 square foot condominium, we can provide you the services that you require to be one step closer to your goal, or one step ahead of your competition!  Unlike the canned plan services; we’re here to help you, your client or your project “on the fly!”

*Example files on this site are .jpg type files that are less than 200kb.  Review files for clients are a proprietary format that is both high resolution and easy to pan or zoom on any specific item.